Photo by Geoffrey Stone

Michael Jordan

HI, I’m Mike. I was born somewhere in Africa, made my way around the world a couple of times sailing, fishing and deep water mining. Then I grew up and landed in America where I studied some more and learned about important things like student loans, mortgages and paying off alimony from what was left.

Then I ended up where I am now. I've always had a camera with me and if I found someone to pay me to take pictures I like, I would have become a professional, instead it's just my hobby and hope to continue taking photos of my stuff.

I started to enjoy it a lot when I tossed out the rule book, dropped all the labels, and dis-invested from photographic tribalism. I've learnt everything I can about the technical aspects thinking they would improve my craft but I was stuck for a long time. I remembered to take photographs for me, not for FaceBook, Instagram or Flickr. I stopped chimping and followed my intuition and internal creativity. I relaxed, like in the old film camera days, it’s always fun doing this kind of stuff and staying the course on my photographic pilgrimage.